Actresses who had faced domestic violence in their marriages

 1.Karisma Kapoor: One of the finest actresses, Belonging to Bollywood’s first family. The actress got married to Sanjay Kapur, a businessman in Delhi. Later the actress filed a divorce against her husband Sanjay Kapur, and the reason she gave the divorce was domestic violence. The children’s custody was granted To the actress, and later, however, it was decided that Sanjay could occasionally meet his children.

2. Shweta Tiwari: The popular actress on Indian television Shweta Tiwari, is another victim of domestic violence. The abusive marriage, which lasted for 14 years, came to an end when Shweta charged her husband Raj with domestic abuse. She claims that her husband physically harmed her and comes home drunk daily. Before her divorce, the actress has spoken out with confidence in many interviews about the troubled relationship with her husband. During their marriage, too, the actress reported very often against Raja in various police stations For verbal and physical abuse.

3. Zeenat Aman: she got married to Mazhar Khan, and the actress was then physically tortured in this relationship also. In Mumbai, during a press conference, Zeenat outspoken about the issue and brought it into highlights. The actress filed for divorce but her husband’s sudden death due to renal failure also brought this relationship to an end.

4. Yukta Mookhey: The most beautiful and gorgeous former Miss World, Was also a victim of domestic violence. Yukta submitted a written application against her husband Prince Tuli, in the Mumbai police station, alleging abuse and harassment. Though no FIR is was registered, but Mumbai police went on to carry out an inquiry against him. Later, Yukta file an FIR against him with the dowry harassment. She also claimed that she was verbally and physically abused, and Tuli forced her to have unnatural intercourse.

5. Rati Agnihotri: One of the finest actresses of times, the address was married to a businessman Anil Virwani. Reportedly, in 2015 she filed an FIR against her husband, allegedly domestic violence. She also mentioned that her husband used to physically and mentally torture her. She has worked tremendously in many incredible films, including Hindi, Tamil Telugu, and Kannada.

6. Dimpy Ganguly: After getting married to Rahul Mahajan on national television, Swayamwar, dimple was seen again in highlights for the charges she made against her husband. She said that he seemed friendly earlier, but when he gets abusive, no one can control him. She was regretting getting married to him. She spoke aloud about how Rahul used to point his revolver at her during fights. Her left cheek was swollen, there were bruises on her skin also there was a lump on her head After she met the Mumbai mirror.

7. Mandana Karimi: The beautiful actress-model Mandana got married to businessman Gaurav Gupta in 2017, were dating for a long period of time, and got engaged in July 2016. The actress was asked to quit her Bollywood career after marriage. Things became even more uglier when she was not allowed to step outside the house. Her mother-in-law used to harass her, and she was thrown out of her matrimonial house after seven weeks. She tried to catch up with her in-laws, but her in-laws did not allow her to be back at home. She mentioned that she was not allowed to meet her friends and was very often insulted in front of everyone. In January 2020, she filed a domestic violence case against her husband.

8. Dalijet Kaur: The winner of the reality shows Nach Baliye season 4 filed an FIR against her husband Shaleen Bhanot for dowry harassment. She mentioned that being with her husband is constant torture and domestic violence for more than a period of six years. Later she reached out to the assistant commissioner of police, and the charge of attempt to murder was also filed. The model turned actress is now separated from her husband; she stays with her son Jaydon. The couple has moved on in a pretty good manner in their respective lives, and her husband often visits to meet her son.

9. Rucha Gujarathi: Rucha was married on 24 October 2010 to Mithun Sanghvi, a businessman. She became a victim of mental abuse and physical torture at the hands of a husband and in-laws. Her husband was from a very affluent family. Her husband was completely under the control of his parents and shared everything with them, including the conversations in the bedroom. The main torture began At the honeymoon when Mitul woke her up and asked her why didn’t she should the honeymoon expenses with him. He grabbed her and flung her onto the bed. She was shocked. As soon as she returned back home, she filed a complaint against him and her in-laws. the actress is not divorced, and she got married to her long-term boyfriend, Vishal, in 2016


10. Rashmi Desai was in a relationship with her co-actor, Nandish Sandhu. The couple was always in the news for their love and affection and acting skills, but this time, the couple came into Limelight for their abusive relationship. The couple filed for divorce and ended their marriage with mutual consent. According to the actress, she genuinely loved her husband and wanted the marriage to be more beautiful, but Sandhu made everything ugly. She mentioned that she could not trust anyone again.

11. Deepshika Nagpal: On 8 March 2016, the actress filed a case against his husband Keshav Arora for trespassing, physical assault, and theft. The couple got divorced on 29 February 2016, and reportedly the actress also filed a complaint against his husband, where it was mentioned that he had threatened her to kill in 2015. However, Later her husband Keshav Arora denied all the allegations And said that she was not loyal enough in the relationship though they have given another chance to their marriage.


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