Top 5 Embarrassing Celebrity Confessions

Here’s a list of some of the most embarrassing confessions by celebrities. Give it a read and see if you can find your favourite celebrity on the list.

We all have at least one embarrassing confession that we don’t plan on sharing. They always give us a good laugh, but embarrassing confessions by celebrities are on a different level. So here’s a list of 5 such confessions by celebrities. 

Joey King

embarrassing confessions

Many of us know Joey as “Elle Evans” from “The Kissing Booth.” She is an American Actress and started her career in film with “Reign over me,” a 2007 American buddy drama film as “Gina Fineman,” the main character’s daughter. Since then, she has appeared in several movies such as Crazy Stupid Love, The White House Down, The Conjuring and has also done voice-overs such last the yellow furball “Katie” in the “Horton Hears a Who” and the in “Beaver” in “Ice Age- Dawn of the Dinosaurs.” 

Sharing an incident from her time in Kindergarten, Joey said that she “cracked her chin open” when she was at home one day and had to get stitches to heal. The doctor did not trim the strings after the stitch neatly, and it was left hanging down. The next day she went to school, her friends mocked her, saying it was a “beard.”

She explained that it was not a beard and was just the string left from the stitches that She had to get on her chin, but no one believed and thought it was facial hair. As a kid, being mocked by her friends was quite embarrassing for her. 


Sabrina Carpenter

Sabrina Carpenter is an American singer and actress. She debuted acting with “Law and Order- Special Victims Unit,” an American crime drama T.V. series. She is recognised for her recurring role as the younger version of “Chloe Goodwin” in ” The Goodwin Games,” an American sitcom series. She owes her breakthrough to her character “Maya Hart” in the Disney Channel series “Girl Meets World,” an American comedy T.V. series.

She was signed to Hollywood Records and released her debut E.P. “Can’t Blame a Girl for Trying,” Her debut single of the same name was released in the same year, 2014. Releasing her debut album “Eyes Wide Open” in 2015, she released 3 more studio albums- Evolution, Singular: Act I, and Singular: Act II. She was later signed by Island Records, releasing her first song labeled “Skin” on 22nd January 2021. 

Sabrina was meeting with executives from her record label to decide which songs would be a part of her second album and which would be released as singles next year. It was like a small “listening party with important people” where everyone listened to the music. When one of them gets up and prepares to leave, Sabrina decides to walk over and hug them goodbye.

In the process, She accidentally trips, falls on them, and slides down their entire body before hitting the floor. She describes the incident as “terrifying and terrible.” This wasn’t very comfortable. 


Dominic Sherwood

Interview: Shadowhunters' Dominic Sherwood - Brief Take

Dominic Anthony Sherwood is an English actor and model known for featuring “Christian Ozera” in “Vampire Academy,” which is a teen vampire movie. He is also quite known for his role as “Jace Herondale” in “Shadowhunters,” a fantasy series based on Cassandra Claire’s “The Mortal Instrument” book series on Freeform and also as “Kurt” in the series “Penny Dreadful: City of Angels” which is an American Historical Dark Fantasy T.V. Series which was canceled after Season 1.

He became known for his appearance in Taylor Swift’s music video for her new single “Style,” directed by Kyle Newman. He started his career with an appearance as “Jack Simmons” in the third season of “The Cut,” a BBC Television Teen Drama. He guest-starred as a waiter “Tom” in Sadie J (episode Cherylistic) in the following year.

He has also Co-Starred with Ed Westwick and Jeremy Sumpter in “Billionaire Ransom,” a thriller film, and will soon appear in the horror-thriller “Don’t Sleep” with Drea De Mateo and Cary Elwes. It has also been reported on 13th September 2021 that He will be starring in “Eraser: Reborn,” which is a reboot of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 1996 film “Eraser.” The movie is expected to release in 2022. 

Dominic says that He, along with a friend, saw Sarah Hyland in a musical. Oblivious of his surroundings, he talked to his friend while they were approaching the door to the theatre. The door, made of glass, was shut, and he walked straight into the door. They both went inside, and his friend started laughing at him. He ended up busting his nose, and his eyes started watering. According to him, He has never “recovered from the humiliation.” 


Sadie Calvano 

Actress Sadie Calvano was a competitive gymnast who started focusing on full-time acting after 4th grade. She is well known for her role as “Violet Plunkett” in the CBS sitcom “Mom.” She also played the titular role in “The Perfect Daughter.” She has been performing in musical theatre since she was seven years old.

Some of her favourite parts include “Alice in Wonderland” at El Portal in 2008, Belle in “Beauty And The Beast” in 2008 at The Barnsdall Theatre, Sharpay in “High School Musical” in 2009, and Tallulah in “Bugsy Malone” in 2011 both at the Madrid Theatre and Christina in Crown City Theatre’s four week run of “A Chicago Christmas Carol” in 2010. She started her acting career with guest star appearance on Eagleheart in the summer of 2010.

This was followed by co-starring role on NCIS as William Devane’s kidnapped granddaughter. She had also received the YAA best actress nomination. She made her big-screen debut as Leonardo DiCaprio’s niece in “J. Edgar,” a Clint Eastwood bio-epic. 

Sadie was sitting in a classroom when an attractive substitute teacher came in, silencing the entire class. He handed out worksheets and said that they had a “free day.” Everyone started enjoying themselves. Sadie then received a text from one of her friends complaining about how boring her class was, to which she replied that they had the “hottest sub ever.”

When her friend requested a picture, Sadie made the naive mistake of not turning off her flash. The Substitute asked everyone to refrain from clicking photographs then. The classroom was silent again, focusing on Sadie. She was highly embarrassed. 


Shane Harper

Shane Harper - Film & Theater Personalities, Career, Childhood - Shane  Harper Biography

Shane Steven Harper is an American actor, dancer, singer, and songwriter. He gained fame for playing “Spencer” in “Good Luck Charlie,” an American sitcom that aired on Disney, and for playing “Josh Wheaton” in “God’s Not Dead,” which is a 2014 Christian Drama Film. He played minor roles as the principal dancer in various shows and movies like High School Musical 2, Reanimated, and Dance Revolution before becoming one of the youngest lead dancers on Nickelodeon’s Dance on Sunset.

He has also bagged the lead dancer role for the music video Step Up with Samantha Jade. While sharing an incident from his younger days, Shane said that he used to practice dancing along with the girls in the class. He was trying to impress them with his attitude and appearance.

One day while practicing, Shane had to leap across the dance floor while wearing too-tight pants. When He jumped, there was a loud rip, and his pants were completely torn. Everyone in the room let out an audible gasp. He immediately had to run to the bathroom and broke down crying, later coming out thinking, “I’ll get ’em with my personality.”


Edited by Urvashi Gupta

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