Some Amazing Lesser Known Fun Trivia Facts About Johnny Lever

John Prakash Rao janumala, popularly known as Johny Lever, is an Indian film actor and comedian noted for his comedy in Hindi cinema. He was brought up in Mumbai Kings Circle Dharavi, and his mother language is Telugu. The actor has received 13 Filmfare nominations in the Filmfare Award for the comic role’s best performance, and he has also won the award twice. He had started as a comedian in real life while he was only in his beginnings. He performed in the village where his talent was considered mainly due to the imitations of his teacher. He had only learned till 7th grade but couldn’t study further because of the financial problems he had to face in his family.

Early life & career

Born in Andhra Pradesh, where his family originated, Johny Lever, after coming to Mumbai, had worked in various places and attained the name Johny Lever. He had dropped out of school after the 7th grade and had developed his love for the movies while he had grown up. He started with stand up comedy when he was just 10 for his amazing roles in the movies like Deewana Mastana, Dulhe Raja. He had got much recognition. He also started his career in 1984 and had acted in more than 300 Bollywood films to date. After that, he had gained recognition. He immediately joined the group of Kalyanji anandji. He was also earning well from the stage shows, and he quit his job in 1981. He did lots of shows and World Tour with them throughout his life, and one of the biggest had been that with Amitabh Bachchan in 1982. in 1986 also, he had done a charity show, hope 86, that was a filler. The Fame was previously short-lived as Raju Srivastav also came to Mumbai during the same time and started filling the gaps of Johny lever at orchestras. During the period, he had got a lot to learn from his mentor Kalyanji who was also described as a great philosopher and humorous person. He had married Sujatha and had two children with her. The daughter Jamie also became a stand-up comedian, and his son Jesse. The entire family is into this field only, and they are grateful to the almighty for giving them the recognition they have got so fast.

Johnny Lever had received 13 Filmfare Awards nominations in the category of the best performance in the comic role. Among that, he had won the award prize for his performances in Deewana Mastana and Dulhe Raja.
Bollywood career
Johnny Lever, the Indian film actor, is a most noted comedian in Hindi cinema for his remarkable performance in some of the best movies. Over the years, some of his most amazing performances had been in the movies like Baazigar, Kasam, Khatarnak, Kishan Kanhaiya. In 1980, 1990, and 2010, he had performed in many shows. In the television career also, he had first appeared in the episode of Zabaan sambhal ke and had also appeared on Zee TV in his own show Johnny aala re.


Johny lever had always remembered when he was addicted to alcohol and how he had decided continuously to quit. He said that drugs were also like alcohol, and since it was easily available in most of the parties, he used to drink a lot and then he also came out with the verdict that it was affecting the talent and creativity. So he had to consider quitting it. While also talking to the leading daily, he gives two cents of controversies surrounding the couple because he said he would tell Bharti and Harsh for speaking to their colleagues and asking them not to consume drugs.
Some lesser-known facts
• He is referred to as the king of comedy in Bollywood. He is the king of comedy in Bollywood who had inspired many stand up comedians.
• Johnny Lever was introduced in the cinema to give the best experience. Only Johnnie Walker and Mehmood used to take part in the comic role in Hindi movies.
• Johny lever also belongs to Prakasam, located in Andhra Pradesh, and he belongs to the Christian Telugu family.
• He had spent most of his childhood in the narrow lanes of Dharavi, Mumbai.
• His father had to work on the post of the operator in the Hindustan Unilever Limited with low earning. So, the family had to endure many hardships to sustain their life with three sisters and brothers.
• The real name of Johnny Lever is John Prakash Rao Janu Mala. He was employed at Hindustan Lever and performed the company’s stage show.
• He also had mimicked many of his senior officials at the Hindustan ltd that made everyone laugh, and he was appreciated for his comic skills. This is where his friends and colleagues started calling him Johny lever. This boosted his morale and motivated him to try hard and bring something that will be appreciated by the entire Hindi cinema. With these qualities, he got plenty of opportunities in the cinema and became very popular and finally decided to quit the job in 1981.
• For becoming the full-time stand-up comedy, he had to wait for six years. After doing plenty of Stand up comedy in the orchestra, he had finally got the chance to join the kalyanji-anandji group.
• Though Johnny Lever had mishaps in life, he didn’t quit and continued growing his passion. Eventually had become one of the first great stand-up comedians in the field of Bollywood.
• He had to go through plenty of struggles and played an important role in making him what he has become today.
• His debut was in the Bollywood industry with the film Tum Par Hum Qurban, the actor. The director, Sunil Dutt, had recognized Johny’s talent after watching his shooting of Tum Par Hum Qurban. After all, he got the role in the 1982 film Dard Ka Rishta.

Final word
He had always remained humble to everyone around him. This is one of his special talents. Besides, he is also very punctual and follows great discipline at work. This aspect is something that makes him so recognized in the industry today.

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