33 years old, Kriti Sanon’s Aprajita Toor footwear looks ultra-elegant with her Summer kurta suit

Kriti Sanon’s Aprajita Toor footwear looks ultra-elegant with her Summer kurta suit

It’s completely understandable why you can’t stop fangirling over Kriti Sanon’s impeccable sense of style! She’s undoubtedly playing a long game with her ethnic fashion, and it’s currently evident in her promotional appearances for “Adipurush.” Just recently, she had us all enchanted with her stunning Arpita Mehta custom saree and The Neh Store Anarkali outfit.

Kriti’s ability to hustle and slay in the fashion department is truly remarkable. She not only excels in her acting career but also manages to make a strong statement with her sartorial choices. Her consistent fashion flair over the past few days is a testament to her evolving and captivating style.

Kriti Sanon’s fashion journey is a delight to follow, and it’s clear that she’s excellent at what she does, whether it’s on-screen or on the red carpet. Her ability to effortlessly merge traditional ethnic styles with contemporary elegance is something that resonates with her fans and fashion enthusiasts alike. Keep fangirling and enjoying her fabulous fashion moments!

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Absolutely, in a season where comfort and style go hand in hand, Kriti Sanon’s latest airport look serves as a perfect source of inspiration. Her ability to effortlessly combine summer-friendly comfort with style that exudes elegance is truly commendable. Let’s delve into the details of her fantastic airport ensemble:

Summer-Friendly Comfort: Kriti’s outfit choice prioritizes comfort without compromising on style. Summer-friendly fabrics and a relaxed silhouette ensure she stays cool during her travel.

Stylish Yet Casual: Her airport look strikes the perfect balance between style and casualness. It’s the kind of outfit that makes a statement without being overly extravagant.

Elegant Simplicity: Kriti’s outfit demonstrates the power of simplicity. Sometimes, less is more, and her choice showcases how elegance can be achieved through minimalistic fashion.

Accessorizing Gracefully: Accessories play a vital role in elevating her look. Whether it’s a chic pair of sunglasses or a designer handbag, the right accessories can make all the difference.

Effortless Confidence: Kriti Sanon’s demeanor and confidence add to the overall appeal of her airport look. Confidence is, after all, the best accessory one can wear.

Kriti Sanon's Aprajita Toor footwear looks ultra-elegant with her Summer kurta suit

Yellow and White Palette: Kriti’s decision to embrace the yellow and white color scheme is spot-on for the summer season. These colors not only evoke a sense of freshness but also radiate a sunny and vibrant vibe.

Comfortable and Breathable: Given the summer season, it’s crucial for clothing to be comfortable and breathable. Kriti’s three-piece suit likely provides her with comfort while keeping her stylish.

Ageless Style: At 32, Kriti Sanon’s choice of attire proves that style knows no age boundaries. Her outfit is versatile and can be appreciated by fashion enthusiasts of all ages.

Kriti Sanon’s summer ensemble not only adheres to the season’s color palette but also showcases her impeccable sense of style. Her choice of an ethnic three-piece suit with intricate details strikes a harmonious balance between traditional elegance and contemporary fashion. It’s a testament to her fashion prowess and ability to effortlessly pull off a summer-perfect look.

Kriti Sanon’s ethnic chic travel look seems to be an absolute winner, combining style and comfort seamlessly. Let’s break down the elements of her outfit:

Motif-Adorned Kurta: The kurta adorned with flattering motifs adds a touch of elegance and traditional charm to her ensemble. Motifs are a classic choice for ethnic wear and often bring a unique character to the outfit.

Kriti Sanon's Aprajita Toor footwear looks ultra-elegant with her Summer kurta suit

Wide-Leg Pants: Pairing the kurta with plain wide-leg pants is a smart choice for comfort while maintaining a stylish look. Wide-leg pants provide ease of movement, which is essential for travel.

Sheer Dupatta with Embroidery: The addition of a sheer dupatta with embroidered work is a delightful detail. It not only enhances the overall outfit but also adds a layer of sophistication and texture.

Silk Fabric: The silk-made combo of the kurta, pants, and dupatta likely provides a luxurious feel and drapes beautifully. Silk is a classic choice for ethnic wear and exudes a certain opulence.

Footwear: Kriti’s choice of beige and white Aprajita Toor Utopia Flats Bunai is both stylish and practical for travel. These handcrafted flats, made from premium non-leather material and featuring cushioned insoles and a braided strap, ensure comfort while keeping her look chic.

Kriti Sanon’s ethnic chic travel look is a masterful blend of traditional and contemporary elements. The motifs, wide-leg pants, sheer dupatta, and silk fabric contribute to its elegance, while the choice of comfortable yet fashionable footwear adds the perfect finishing touch. Her outfit is a testament to her fashion sensibility, making her stand out as a style icon.

If you’re on the hunt for a pair of Kolhapuri flats that can effortlessly elevate your classy and easygoing looks, these are a must-have at the price of Rs 4,499. Kolhapuri chappals have long been renowned for their craftsmanship and timeless appeal.

Typically, Kolhapuri chappals are handcrafted from leather, where each piece is hand-cut and meticulously stitched to create the final product. This artisanal approach not only adds to their authenticity but also ensures that each pair is unique and carries the legacy of traditional craftsmanship.

One of the distinctive features of Kolhapuri chappals is their open-toe pattern, often complemented by a toe-loop. This design not only offers a blend of comfort and style but also pays homage to the historical roots of these footwear, originating from the Kolhapur region of India.

What truly sets these chappals apart is their durability. Thanks to the time-honored techniques employed in their making, wear and tear is a rare sight. Kolhapuri chappals are built to withstand the test of time, making them a valuable addition to your wardrobe.

Kriti Sanon’s attention to detail in completing her look is truly commendable. Her choice of Chanel sunglasses adds a touch of luxury and sophistication to her ensemble. Chanel, a renowned French fashion brand, is instantly recognizable for its iconic features, including the interlocking double-C logo and exquisite embellishments like pearls.

By selecting Chanel sunglasses, Kriti not only shields her eyes from the sun but also elevates her overall look with a high-end accessory that exudes elegance and style. It’s a testament to her fashion sensibility and ability to effortlessly incorporate luxury pieces into her outfit.

Kriti Sanon, celebrity style, kurta set, Summer fashion, Bollywood, fashion

Her choice of a bun hairdo and pink lipstick further enhances her appearance. The bun hairstyle exudes a sense of neatness and elegance, drawing attention to her facial features, while the pink lipstick adds a pop of color and a hint of femininity to her look.

The versatility of Kolhapuri flats is truly remarkable, as they can be effortlessly paired with various ethnic ensembles like lehengas, sarees, salwar kameez, and ethnic suits. Whether you’re dressing up for a special occasion or simply want to add a touch of traditional charm to your everyday look, Kolhapuri chappals can be your go-to choice.

By combining these chappals with your ethnic outfits, you can achieve an on-fleek and fabulous appearance that celebrates both style and culture. Embracing these beautifully adorned Kolhapuri flats not only enhances your overall look but also helps preserve and promote the artistry and tradition associated with this iconic footwear.

In conclusion, don’t hesitate to explore the world of Kolhapuri chappals and experiment with different embellishments to complement your diverse ethnic wardrobe. With these chappals, you can achieve a perfect blend of tradition and contemporary fashion while staying stylish and on-trend.

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