Chirimiri –A Small Hill Station With Natural Beauty in Abundance

Gary Snyder once well said that “Nature is not a place to visit, its home.”



One can get this homely feeling in a small unheard hill station called Chirimiri in Koriya district, Chhattisgarh. Chirimiri is a small area where natural beauty, simplicity, calmness, peace all resides together.


Resource Extraction in Chirimiri


Apart from the attributes mentioned above, Chirimiri is well known for its coal extraction. The S.E.C.L. COAL INDIA LTD. Co. is the leading player that carries on the extraction activities. Both types of mining activities are done in Chirimiri. Both open cast mines and underground mines operate here.
Not only this, Chirimiri contributes a significant portion of coal extracts than other extracting companies. This itself proclaims how well Chirimiri is contributing its share in the GDP of the country.
Before the arrival of the Company, Chirimiri was not much well developed.

With the tremendous coal extraction activities, it brought many developments along with it, like the Chirimiri has a broad gauge railway link primarily used for transporting coal to other states and the ports for export.


Developmental Projects

Many hospitals, clinics, and schools (Dav Public School Bartunga, Shishu mandir School, K.V, Etc.,) were also opened. Regional Hospital Godaripara is one of those projects.

Many developmental works have now shaped the overall view and look of this small hill station.


Places To Visit In Chirimiri

It is not just the resources, and natural green vegetation that attracts the tourist‘s attention, but also the number of landscapes, temples, waterfalls, mountains, etc. also makes this place heaven. Not to forget its soothing climate, which makes it a desirable place to visit, to relax.

One of the famous temples in Chirimiri is LORD JAGANNATH TEMPLE which is almost a replica of SHRI JAGANNATH PURI in Orissa. This temple is a gift to Chirimiri by the Oriya community, who put their efforts into making it a reality.

KALI TEMPLE in Kalibadi is also an important place one must go whenever they visit Chirimiri.

Apart from this, AMRITDHARA WATERFALL, SATI TEMPLE in BAIGAPARA, GUFA MANDIR Iin GODARIPARA are also fascinating places to pay a visit.


Real Concern

There is a human tendency; if we get something for free, we take it for granted. And that’s what is happening, with lots of developmental projects and other progressive activities somewhere. We have lost the charm of this beautiful place. Greenery which we used have earlier in some 20 yrs. Now it has gone completely. What is left is broken mountains, coal residues, poor drainage systems, uneven crop patterns, uneven rain, etc.


The mountains which used to be there like some years ago are nowhere to be seen.
Many scientists believe that the situation of mass extinction is a reality of earth. Not only Scientists, our holy books like the Bible, Quran, Manusmriti, etc., have also talked about a day when human beings are going to pay for their deeds.

It is essential to understand that whatever resources we are enjoying right now is given to us by our ancestors, but what we will provide to our next generation of human beings continues to neglect these crucial topics related to our environmental preservation. We should find some solution. Otherwise, this greedy attitude will leave us and our next generation with nothing. What will we tell our children that see child this how mountain used to look pointing towards some e-book? This is something beautiful and exotic your parents have experienced while growing up, but unfortunately, you can either imagine them or Google it to have some virtual experience.

We have heard a lot about ecological balance, but we need to understand that it is just not a concept, but it is an entire process by which our nature maintains its equilibrium. Any negative impact can bring severe consequences by disturbing this equilibrium. Nature takes care of our well-being and ensures that each organism lives peacefully and gets whatever is required for survival so that this equilibrium doesn’t get disturbed, turning into something disastrous.

Humans need to understand that by creating problems in the system of nature, humans are themselves inviting their D day. There should be some limit to these resources exploitation for the so-called developmental and growth progress.
People who have lived here created many beautiful memories spent some critical events of their life good or bad doesn’t matter will always find this place natural, beautiful, calm, peaceful, pleasant, gratifying, and welcoming.


This place has been a significant part of many lives who still now could connect with the delightfulness this place has. This was beautiful, is beautiful, and will always remain beautiful provided we preserve its goodness. This whosoever will visit this place, this place will always be close to their heart.

Development is a part of life, but losing an essential part of nature is worst.


Edited by Prakriti Arora

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