10 Pop Songs You Need To Add In Your Monsoon Playlist

With the monsoon season approaching, stuck in lockdown. We are on the hunt for new tunes to fill our playlist. We are searching for a piece that will go well with the pitter-patter of the raindrops, the smell of the soil, and the cold chill in the air. And I can help you with that. So without any further ado, I present to you.

10 pop songs you need to add to your monsoon playlist:

Arcade – Duncan Laurence

A Song made for those gloomy days. The Tune of this song is soothing and orchestral. Listening to Duncan Laurence is always a treat. This piece is so good that it went viral on all social media platforms and more people started posting their renditions and covers. This piece is like a warm blanket for those windy and cold days. Play this melody and let it do its work when you want to cuddle in front of a fireplace.

Heat Waves- Glass Animals

As the singer sings, ‘Heat Waves been faking me out,’ you will be grateful for the rain and weather, even if you don’t particularly like the weather. This song qualifies to be in this playlist because of its monotonous feeling. Unlike most EDM Tunes, this doesn’t have a sudden drop or a sudden burst of energy. An excellent piece of chilling in as you watch the rain and take in the smell of the soil. The soothing music and voice lull your muscles to relax and enter you into a zone of peacefulness.

Dance Dance Dance (Acoustic) – Astrid Ssongs

Acoustic songs and rains are a match made in heaven. Something about the sound of the guitar strings and the sound of the rain goes well together. Don’t you think so ?. If the grey sky affects your blue soul. Just play this song, lock your room and dance it out. It’s a good pick-me-up number. Even if you don’t prefer to dance, sit on the balcony and listen to this song. And feel as the grey clouds disappear from your beautiful blue soul.

Who(feat. BTS) – Lauv 

This song is for those days when the sky decides to cry along with your broken heart. This song is like the soothing ointment we used to put on our wounds when we were kids. A collaboration between the talented Lauv and BTS members Jungkook and Jimin. This piece is sweet and heartfelt. A breathtaking trio of voices. Just listen to them as they serenade you along with the soothing Tune. It almost puts you in a trance, and when it’s done, it’ll keep you coming back.

Lovely – Billie Eilish & Khalid 

This song is meant to melt your heart into a puddle and is known for its healing voices. This is a collaboration by Billie Eilish and Khalid. Their voices mix so well it heals your soul. Billie’s voice is killer as your ears find it tough to comprehend such a sweet voice. Watching the rain as this song plays cleanses your soul. It heals you of all your bad memories and encourages you to pursue new memories. Just close your eyes and let the music and voices take over.

High – James Blunt 

A classic melody that might remind some people of their childhood. This song is a semi-acoustic song and the home to the iconic high-pitched high. It’s a song that has heavy vibes of nostalgia. It gives you an immense feeling of happiness as you watch the raindrops fall on your window. The chorus is a spine-tingling, goosebumps giver. James’ voice sends chills down your spine as you hear the pitter-patter. And even you haven’t listened to this before. It is bound to leave you with a feeling of nostalgia.

Summertime sadness – Lana del ray

This song is perfect for when you need a soulful boost or effect. Lana del ray’s voice is fitting for the soulful feel. As you listen to it while watching the rain, this is a slow song that almost feels as if you are dancing a slow dance with the rain. Lana’s voice pierces through your heart, making you bound to go through a variety of emotions as you listen to this song.

Zombies – The Cranberries

Another banging classic. This piece is not your typical soft one, which is why it qualifies to be on the list. Because not everyone leans towards soft-core songs during the rain, it is perfect for people who enjoy good shredding on the guitar during a rainstorm. The Tune not being soft still does the work and has the same effect as a slow song. Even for the ones who only stick to soft songs, this is a must-try.

Battle Symphony – Linkin Park

Let’s be honest when the rainy season comes, and our repressed feelings somehow manage to burst out. This Tune will be a savior. Known for writing and singing emotional and meaningful songs. Linkin Park once again executed a perfect heartfelt tune. This number will make you rise from any ditch you feel that you have fallen into. It’s ideal for that pick-me-up category. It helps you resolve your feelings, and like the blue sky after the storm, you too will be left with a similar feeling.

California Dreamin – Sia 

A song by Sia, the queen herself. This number is a nice slow burn. A piece of quiet music perfect for the singer’s voice. Made for when you want to close your eyes and rest as the cold wind blows across you. But, don’t forget to carry a blanket because this song is sure to chill you at first, only to warm you up slowly. You might want to feel warm and toasty throughout the rainy season. But, this chilling yet warming piece will leave you wanting it again and again.

Edited by Urvashi Gupta

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