Wardrobe Must-have: 5 Best Types Of Shirts For Men

If you think styling for men is as simple as counting on your fingers, you need to think twice. With so many outfits to choose from, there’s a reason why men too have stylists to help them get their look right. From bottoms to T-shirts to formal shirts for men, there are tons of clothing options for men these days. 


If you are someone who loves to remain updated with fashion, you must know what’s going on in the world of shirts lately. With the advent of several styles and trends, shirts have undergone multiple transformations. If you want to know which formal shirts for men you must own, let us help you quickly.

  • Oxford shirts: Oxford shirts are a total must-have because they can be brilliantly paired with a suit and also sans it. These are the kind of formal shirts for men, which you can wear at the office, weddings and even parties. See how versatile they are? They are made from Oxford fabric, which is cotton, but with a basketweave, which means it is thicker than cotton. If you are someone who wants to stick to the basics of fashion, this classic shirt should be introduced in your wardrobe in multiple colour schemes.
  • Dress shirts: The name of these shirts implies that they are worn during dressier events such as parties and weddings. They are usually made from cotton and the cuffs close with cufflinks, which defines how ‘fancy’ these shirts are. Many even feature fancy collars such as with cutaway, wing and pointed ones. If you have a black tie event to attend, this is the kind of shirt you’d want to wear. 
  • Short sleeve shirt: Once a rookie fashion mistake, short-sleeved shirts are making a comeback and no, they don’t scream ‘blue-collar worker’ anymore, thanks to the reinventions in the designs. These formal shirts for men are an ideal choice when you’re indulging in outdoor activities because they will keep you cool.
  • Cuban collar shirt: These shirts also feature short sleeves, but the Cuban-style open collar is a distinctive feature which lets one flaunt their cool jewellery. These shirts come in bold colours and prints, so style them carefully unless you want to pull off the ‘dad’ look. They look more like Hawaiian shirts because of their tropical prints, so you might want to wear them on a beach holiday with khaki shorts or trousers or even chinos or during a fun day out.
  • Overshirts: As the name says, these shirts are to be worn over a T-shirt. These shirts can easily replace your jackets, especially during the summer when a jacket deems too thick for the air to ventilate. You can wear a solid overshirt over your printed T-shirt and jeans or trousers. If you want to opt for a printed overshirt, you need to keep the look balanced by opting for a solid T-shirt to be worn underneath. 

Follow this style guide so you can style formal shirts for men in an impressive manner.

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