What are the top companies where a fresher can become a decision scientist?

The Data Science field is experiencing rapid growth, and organizations across industries increasingly rely on data-driven insights to inform their decisions. As a Data Science fresher, this presents opportunities for a fulfilling and lucrative career.

If you are a Data Science fresher, now is the time to explore the various industries and companies that offer excellent career prospects.

In this article, we will explore the top companies to kickstart your career in Data Science and Decision Sciences. From energy companies and consulting firms to financial institutions and healthcare organizations, in this article we highlight the organizations that offer great opportunities to aspiring decision scientists.

Top Companies for Fresher Decision Scientists

Regarding top companies for fresher decision scientists, the industry has several noteworthy names. Some of the top companies are:


Microsoft is a tech giant, widely known for its innovation and one of the most sought-after companies for data scientists. The company’s supportive work culture encourages employees to take on new challenges and develop their skills.

The company is known for its data-driven approach to decision-making, and data scientists here work on some of the most complex and challenging data problems.

Microsoft offers its employees various benefits, including flexible work arrangements, comprehensive health insurance, retirement plans, and stock options. A data scientist at Microsoft gets an average salary of $167,000 annually, significantly higher than the industry average.


Walmart holds a prominent position as one of the biggest retail corporations worldwide. It has been investing heavily in technology and data analytics in recent years. The company is a great option for fresher data scientists seeking hands-on experience with real-world data and analytics projects.

Walmart runs on data as it has a huge amount of data on its customers, products, and operations. It uses advanced analytics and machine learning techniques to improve its business operations. Walmart also offers extensive training and development programs that help data scientists grow in their careers.

At Walmart, data scientists receive an average yearly salary of around $138,000, with the pay scale ranging from $47,500 to $280,000.


Amazon is an excellent option for data scientist freshers looking to build a successful career in the field. Amazon is a major player in the realm of data analytics, in addition to being one of the largest e-commerce corporations worldwide. Their work culture is characterized by innovation, high performance, and customer-centricity.

It has also developed its machine learning and data analytics tools suite, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), which data scientists can use to build and deploy their models and applications.

Amazon pays its data scientists an average salary of $146,000 annually, along with several perks like discounts on products and services, bonuses and incentives, etc.


Databricks is a cloud-based data platform that offers a unified analytics platform that enables data scientists and analysts to manage, process, and analyze large datasets. Data scientists at Databricks have the opportunity to work on a wide range of projects, ranging from predictive modelling to natural language processing.

Databricks offers numerous growth opportunities for data scientists, including roles in research and development, product management, and customer success.

In terms of compensation, Databricks offers competitive salaries to its employees. Databricks is one of the most financially rewarding employers for data scientists, with the average annual pay scale ranging from $138,000 to $160,000.


Cloudera is a data management and analytics company specializing in developing enterprise-grade data solutions for businesses of all sizes. It is one of the top companies for fresher data scientists looking to gain experience in a fast-paced, challenging data analytics environment.

Cloudera offers freshers an opportunity to work on various data management tools, including Hadoop and Spark, that help businesses process and analyze large datasets. It also provides access to industry events and conferences, which can help data scientists expand their network and learn from industry experts.

The company offers data scientists an average salary of $144,500 annually, 19% above the national average.


Accenture is a multinational professional services company that provides various services, including strategy, consulting, technology, and operations. The company is one of the top options for fresher data scientists due to its global reach and reputation for excellence.

With offices in over 120 countries, data scientists at Accenture have the opportunity to work on projects around the world, which can provide valuable international experience. The company also offers mentorship programs, which provide data scientists with valuable guidance and support as they navigate their careers.

A data scientist at Accenture gets an average annual pay of $134,500, i.e., 10% above the national average.

Mu Sigma

Mu Sigma is a data analytics firm that provides analytical and decision-support services to businesses across various industries. The company has rapidly emerged as one of the leading data analytics firms, making it an attractive option for fresher data scientists.

The company’s approach to problem-solving is data-driven and analytical, which provides data scientists with a unique and valuable learning experience.

At Mu Sigma, a data scientist earns a competitive salary. The company’s unique approach to data analytics is attracting much attention from clients and investors alike.

How to get into these companies and become a data scientist?

There are certain skills and qualifications that help you become a data scientist and work for the top companies in this field. Here are some of the key steps to take:

Get a degree

Most companies require data scientists to have a degree in a related field, such as computer science, statistics, mathematics, or engineering. A bachelor’s degree may be sufficient for entry-level positions, but many companies prefer candidates with a master’s degree or higher.

Mu Sigma offers education programs that are designed in a way where students can work on real-life problems and situations along with studying. Mu Sigma has collaborated with Vidyashilp University and the International School of Management Excellence (ISME) to offer graduation and post-graduation programs in data science.

Learn programming languages

Data scientists must possess a vital skill set that includes expertise in at least one programming language like Python or R, as well as a working knowledge of SQL. Mastery of additional programming languages like Java or Scala can also prove advantageous for professionals in this field.

Gain experience in data analysis

Employers typically seek candidates with experience in data analysis, which can be obtained through internships or entry-level jobs. Practical experience in data science can be valuable in building a strong foundation for technical and analytical skills.

Stay up-to-date on emerging trends.

As the field of data science evolves rapidly, staying up-to-date on emerging trends and technologies is essential. This can be done by attending conferences, reading industry publications, and participating in online forums.

In addition to these steps, developing soft skills such as communication, teamwork, and problem-solving is also important. Companies often seek candidates who can collaborate effectively with colleagues and stakeholders to communicate complex technical concepts clearly and concisely.


The field of data science offers a wealth of opportunities for freshers looking to build a career in this rapidly growing industry. With the demand for data-driven insights on the rise, companies across various sectors seek skilled and talented decision scientists to help them make informed decisions.

The top companies mentioned above offer exciting opportunities for those looking to build a career in data science and decision sciences. By considering factors such as industry, growth prospects, and company culture, you can identify organizations that align with your career goals and offer a rewarding and fulfilling career path.

Mu Sigma is emerging as a major data analytics and consulting industry player. The company’s unique approach to data analytics is attracting much attention from clients and investors alike. The organization’s emphasis on innovation and data-driven insights has earned its recognition as one of the rapidly expanding data analytics companies worldwide.

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