Summer wardrobe must have- 5 types of shirts for men

The extreme heat, the long days and the high rising temperature – it is the sign that the summer is finally here and we are ready to sweat more during this season! Apart from staying hydrated throughout these months, it is important that we change our wardrobe collection a bit to accommodate clothings which are season friendly. Regardless of the fact that you are working out doors are not, it is important that you adorn the right fashion to stay protected from the adverse effects of the weather. That is why it is important that you pick shirts for men which are meant to be worn during the summer and not only make you feel comfortable, but also look stylish as well. Here are some of them which you should definitely include in your summer wardrobe.


  1. Light coloured shirts — Since the sun keeps on shining with all its glamour and heat during these months, it is important that you store away your bright coloured shirts in your wardrobe. Apart from being bleached during the sun, these colours will torture you throughout the season. It is important that you pick shirts for men which are light in colour like white, yellow, sky blue or pastels. These colours not only fit in the summer wardrobe, but they are also very much in trend and that is why you look stylish wearing them.

  • Bold prints — it is a myth that only women can wear dresses with bold and floral prints on them during the summers. Come, let’s break it this season by wearing shirts for men which have some bold geometrical and floral prints in them and can be suitable for both formal and casual events. You can get such shirts and look totally at ease at your work or any outing that you go during the summer season.

  • Pure cotton fabric shirts — Wearing cotton is just like a necessity during the summer seasons. This is a very comfortable fabric that soaks in all the sweat during the heated days and also make you feel comfortable and cool wearing them. So, when you are picking shirts for men for summer, ensure that you go for the cotton fabric only.

  • Linen shirts — If you are looking for something very crisp and formal for your work way and should be some summer friendly as well, then we suggest – you go for the linen shirts. This is a very breathable fabric that not only clings to your body in a very natural way, but also helps you look very confident and stylish wearing them.

  • Half sleeved shirts — The next type of shirts for men that you should definitely invest for your summer wardrobe are the half sleeved shirts. Since you are going to wear them for the long days, these are definitely going to keep you cool. You can either pick the ones in printed forms or solid coloured shirts, both of these work well during this season. Just remember to apply a sunscreen on your bare hands when wearing such shirts.


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