Top 5 Inspirational Movies To Watch In Your Adversity

Inspirational movies have a great way of motivating people. Perhaps, by binge-watching those movies, you can get an opportunity to observe those circumstances and feel a spark to work it on your way.

Many people are stressed and bored of their usual chores, and to elevate your mental health, here are some of the best inspirational movies with a good IMBD rating to watch in the pandemic during quarantine.

1. It is a wonderful life (1946)
2. The Intouchables (2011)
3. Like stars on earth (2007)
4. Million-dollar baby (2004)
5. 3 idiots (2009)

1. It’s a Wonderful life 



It is an American family drama to watch for enduring decades. This movie is about James Stewart, who realizes that many lives would have changed if he was never there. It’s Christmas time, so he wishes that he had never been born. So, Henery Travers (angel) is sent to the earth, to all his wishes to come true. It is a wonderful life gives a message of hope and perspective. There will always be incompleteness to life but, hope is not naive; it’s hard, and resolves against a situation cannot give assurances. This film depicts the change of heart and perspective.

2. The Intouchables

IMBD: 8.5/10

The Intouchables movie is based on the friendship between a millionaire and his highly unlikely caretaker. France does not have slavery – as in the United States, but the racism there is rampant opportunities for black people are very limited. So, this Phillippe is a middle-aged guy, living well with mild manners has a park full of high-end cars. He is paralyzed from his neck down so, the consequence of his life is a kind of a drag.

Hunter Driss happens to be black; he is Phillip’s caretaker. He takes this job, intending to turn it down so he can qualify for welfare. Driss has a devil care attitude and unshakeable authenticity make Philips refreshing in flavorless drag applicants, so he offers him a job and shows off. Anyway, Enjoy the now. Time waits for none.

3. Like stars on the earth

IMBD: 8.3/10

This film is based on a mischievous dyslexic 8-year-old young boy who was sent to a boarding school. He comes across a gifted teacher who is in tune with the students and recognizes his learning disability. He also had dyslexia and moves forward to help him. The songs in this movie facilitate in telling a story, which carries intense emotions. This movie is about what the child is going through in his own life as his reflection, like stars on earth, speaks of how these kids are mistreated and marginalized in society.

This movie quotes, “People are in their tunnel of vision of reality. It is better to ignore other people’s perspectives and recognize child individuality, especially in education, to excel”.

4. Million dollar baby

IMBD: 8.1/10

Million Dollar Baby | Apple TV

Million-dollar baby is a sports drama film based on boxing. The simple premise of the movie is that Clint Eastwood is a boxing trainer. Morgan Freeman works at the same gym. They both are good friends. Hilary Swank gets there to be a boxer. However, Clint Eastwood does not train girls. After a few events, he teaches her, and she becomes a great boxer. The movie quotes, “The million-dollar baby is not a film about living(or not living) with a disability. It is about self-agency. Every brave lady going through lots of untold hardships in this world is a bold fighter.”

5. 3 idiots

IMBD: 8.4/10


3 idiots movie is about three friends pursuing engineering miserably in one of India Premier colleges. 3 idiots is a Bollywood comedy award-winning film. This movie holds a rollercoaster of emotions, making you jubilant to sad within seconds. It is a highly motivational movie about choosing the right path in your life. It is a simple movie, but it holds an everlasting message – If you choose and work with passion, you will reach your path of success.

Edited by Prakriti Arora

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