Room: A Hollywood Movie That Tells Us How The Shadow Of Trauma Chases Us Forever

The movie that is impossible to list down with words. This movie had to be experienced in the right way. One of the best scripts and well-directed movie. This movie might physically drain you yet teach you that we can come out of any trauma and also how the love between a mother and a son can stand above all in all circumstances.

A movie that was written by Emma Donoghue and directed by Lenny Abrahamson is based on a novel that was released in 2010. This movie is about a woman who gets abducted by a man for about 6 years and was raped frequently. She gives birth to a young boy and her life moves inside a room. The woman role was played by Brie Larson. The Five-year-old old role was played by Jacob Tremblay.

Brie Larson was an American actress and a filmmaker. She is noted for her realistic acting on screen. It is known that she has stayed away from the sunlight, maintained her diet, and exercised accordingly to achieve the look for this role. She won several awards like the Academy Award for Best Actress and Golden Globe. She is also a gender equality activist and an advocate for helping the sexual assault survivor-woman has always voiced out for the protection of women. She made her role worthwhile to watch on screen.

Jacob Tremblay was a Canadian actor. He won the Critics Choice Movie Award for Best Young Performer. He started his career at a very young age. He also acted in many other movies and had received several awards. His role as ‘Jack’ in the movie ‘Room’ has been appreciated by so many other celebrities and audiences. He is so far one of the best child artists in the Hollywood industry. A spectacular movie that is brilliantly performed.

How Lenny Abrahamson Beat Out the Rest of Hollywood to Direct 'Room' |  IndieWire

A 24-year-old woman was raped and abducted almost seven years ago and put into this room where he raped her continuously. She gave birth to a boy named Jack. They had to live in a room that had a bathtub, television, closet, and a small rudimentary kitchen. The only window they had was a skylight. Jack has never seen the outside world and assumes that everything he sees on the television is not true. They named the guy the old Nick. Jack was put in a closet when old nick came home. Jack never knew how the world felt and assumed everything other than the room was fake. Joy decides to make him understand. She tries to escape from the room. They decided to tell the old Nick that jack had been suffering from fever and had to consult a doctor as soon as possible. The old Nick told them that he would bring the antibiotics and there is no need for any medical attention as it’s just a normal temperature rise. They failed the first time. They decide to fake jack’s death. Joy asked the old Nick to dispose of the body. She wrapped him in the carpet and asks the old Nick to bury him somewhere. She also teaches her son to unwrap the carpet in the truck and escape. The old Nick puts him in the truck and moves on to bury him. With all the little knowledge he had, Joy unwrapped himself and jumped out of the truck. He then realizes that what his mother told was and everything he saw on the TV was real. The old Nick couldn’t do anything as Jack had caught the attention of the passerby. The people called the police and arrested the old Nick. Joy was saved and has been rescued by the police. They were under medical examination for a few days to stabilize and monitor their physical health and mental health. Jack feels different to see so many people and rays of sunlight falling on him. He got frightened for everything he sees new. He keeps asking him where the old Nick is. They return home and Joy realizes that so many things have changed. Her parents had got divorced and her mom had got married to a new person. She recalls all her childhood memories and shows jack her albums. They gave her all the comfort they could give. Jack wasn’t able to interact with the real things. Jack was feeling different and would always ask his mom when he would return to the room again. Joy lashes out her anger on her parents and gets worried about her son. She always wants her child to be protected from the world. She tries to attempt suicide and was found unconscious in the restroom. She apologizes to her son for not being with him. Jack asks his mother that he wants to see the Room for one last time. They both visit the room that they had been staying in for years that had been escorted by the police. Jack feels that it was not the same room he has been in with the doors open.

Most of the rape survivors are affected both mentally and physically. It’s necessary to be kind to everyone we come across. We need to understand that the victim needs their own space. Try to listen to what they are speaking. Recovering is a long process and the process differs from one person to the other. Don’t say things like,” don’t overthink” or “cheer up”. It could worsen the situation more. Ask them what they want frequently and let them know that you are there for them no matter what happens. Remind them constantly that this wasn’t their mistake.

The experience of post-traumatic stress is so draining. This movie portrays how time is necessary for someone to get healed and how necessary it is to provide valuable mental support when one needs it. It also portrays the relationship between a mother and a son. It shows how protected a mother is with her child and how she worries about his last interaction with the real world. She tries to fix the mental health of her son but she couldn’t do it. As time goes, he recovers slowly understanding how the real world feels symbolizing that time is required to get healed and one can’t just recover very soon. The room movie has received many awards. This film has won around nine Canadian Screen Award comprising Best Motion Picture, Best Director for Lenny. It won several other awards too. It received seven awards at the 13 Irish Film and Television Awards. The room was also named to be one of the best films of 2014.

This movie was loved by most people and has got a positive response. Most of the audience stated that they felt emotional and was almost in tears when they completed the film. This movie will make society understand what it feels like to be a survivor of any sexual assault. In the given 118 minutes, this movie depicted all the emotions. The movie had a very good script, screenplay and was well orchestrated by Lenny. This movie had the power to touch the lives of those who watch it. This movie clearly says that “one should always be ready to close the door of the past and welcome the future with a happy face


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