Bollywood Celebrities Who Have Married Twice

Marriage in India is known to be one of the purest and essential parts of people life ever. It is considered to be one of the happy bonds. No one could break and force with any power the relationship of a wife and a husband. But sometimes unfortunately it comes to an end and at a conclusion that your spouse is not the one perfect match for you or your perfect soulmate. At times this sacred bond comes to an end and breaks down because when it comes to the complication of a relationship or being at your mental health or well-being it should be ended.

Divorce is considered to be a very big taboo in many cultures in India still now. People rather than accepting the fact of ending marriage take it into their orthodox mentality. Also after breaking marriage it becomes difficult for both men and the woman to fall in love and marry all over again. Both of them had to face a lot of challenges after signing the divorce paper either it is mentally or emotionally, every aspect is taken into consideration. But most of them after having their second marriage are been successful and happy in their life as it is their second partner, it is truly reassuring.

Here is the list of Bollywood celebrities who have married twice in their life and have shown their strength and endurance not only in real life but also by choosing their happiness and self-respect all above theirs marriages and have dared to marry and love again.

1. Dilip Kumar- A legendary actor of Bollywood industry of his time who conquered the heart of the people and a very well known versatile superstar—Dilip Kumar, was known for his personality. He was so charming and one of the most loved actor amongst his audience. Unfortunately, the very charming actor too married twice. Firstly Dilip got married to Asma Rehman. The couple got married in the year 1980 but as they married didn’t turn out well so they got divorced and separated in the year 1982. After this, the actor got married to Saira Banu in the year 1966. Saira Banu is another very well-known actress of the Bollywood industry and had a great name in it. The couple is currently living happily now.

2. Dharmendra- Bollywood superstar and the most charming actor who worked in films with his great and talented acting and everybody’s love—Dharmendra was too on the list of marrying twice. He is popularly known as the He-man of the film industry was born on 8th December 1935 in Punjab into an Arya Samaj Jatt family. Before arriving in the film industry, he was doing a job in an American Drilling company. During these days, he got married to Prakash Kaur. At that time, he was only 19 years old. From Prakash Kaur, he had two sons named Sunny Deol and Bobby Deol who are renowned actors and two daughters too, Vijeta and Ajeeta. But after joining the film industry, he married once again the actress and the beauty queen as well as “Dream Girl” of Bollywood Hema Malini and he maintained two relations at the same time because his first wife Prakash Kaur refused him to give divorce.

3. Salim Khan- Salim Khan whose also known as Salim Abdul Rashid Khan is a very popular Hindi cinema actor, screenwriter and producer. The actor while being a screenwriter has also written screenplays, scripts and stories for various and many Bollywood movies. Salim Khan did two marriages too. His first marriage was Sushila Charak commonly also known as Salma Khan in the year 1964. Unfortunately, it did not last. So later he got divorced from her and married Helen in 1981. He currently is a father of three sons Sohail Khan, Arbaaz Khan, Salman Khan and two daughters Arpita and Alvira.

4. Yogeeta Bali- A famous Bollywood actress of the year 1970s and 80s—Yogeeta Bali was also very popularly known for her marrying twice. Firstly the actress got married to Kishore Kumar in 1976. But unfortunately, the marriage didn’t turn out well and they got separated in the year 1978. Yogeeta was the third wife of Kishore Kumar. The actress when got separated after some time found love again in Mithun Chakraborty, a very famous actor. She falls in love with Mithun on the sets of “Khwab” which was the film of both. The couple got married in 1979 and now together they have a son Mahaakshay Chakraborty who is another famous actor.

5. Vinod Khanna- Vinod Khanna was a veteran Bollywood star aka a known Indian actor. Besides being a talented actor, Vinod was also a film producer and has a strong name in politics too as he was a politician who is best known for his work in Indian movies. The actor was honoured as the recipient of two Filmfare awards. Vinod Khanna was also on the list for marrying twice in his life. His first marriage took place in the year 1971 with Geetanjali Taleyarkhan. But as the marriage did not work the couple got separated and parted their ways in the year 1985. Afterwards, Vinod Khanna got married to Kavita Daftary in the year 1990⁠ and became the father of four children, Akshaye Khanna and Rahul Khanna among them.

6. Kirron Kher- Kirron Kher is the most versatile actress in the B-town industry. Besides being an actress she is also working on the television, she’s also an entertainment producer, TV show host, singer and also a member of BJP that is she’s also in politics. Being in politics hold her a position of being a strong woman who overcame her marriage which was failed and choose to love and married to her partner again. Kirron firstly got married to a businessman who lived in Mumbai named Gautam Berry in the year 1979 and together they had a son whose name was Sikandar and who’s also now a famous actor. Whereas in the year 1985 actor Anupam Kher, who was known well by Kirron from her college days. Anupam took a break in films starting with the movie “Saaransh”. The actress broke and got separated from Gautam Berry and in the same following year, she married Anupam Kher.

7. Mithun Chakraborty- Mithun Chakraborty a very famous Bollywood film actor. Besides being an actor is also an entrepreneur, writer, singer, producer, social worker and television presenter. He’s also the former Rajya Sabha Member of Parliament. The actor has also been honoured with the recipient of two Filmfare Awards and three National Film Awards. He also married twice as his first wife was Bollywoods’ beloved diva Sridevi. But as there were some complications in their marriage, so they both got separated and parted their ways. Afterwards, Mithun Chakraborty got married to Yogeeta Bali in the year 1979. Today he is the father of four children, one of them include Mahaakshay Chakraborty.

8. Saif Ali Khan- The Pataudi Khan and a well-known talented actor Saif Ali Khan also married twice. Firstly he was married to Amrita Singh, who was his first wife for thirteen years. The actor had two children with Amrita namely, Sara Ali Khan and Ibrahim Khan. Afterwards, Saif married again to the very popular actress Kareena Kapoor, who’s commonly known as “Bebo”. The couple had a child named Taimur Ali Khan. But recently they had their second child who’s a baby boy.

9. Neelima Azeem- Neelima Azeem is known to be a very powerful and strong actress in the Bollywood industry. Her first marriage took place when she was just at the age of 16. She got married to Pankaj Kapoor in the year 1975 and they soon welcomed their son Shahid Kapoor in the year 1981 in February. But unfortunately, the marriage didn’t work and the couple got divorced in the year 1984 when their son was just three years old. Neelima got married again then to the actor Rajesh Khattar in the year 1990. And they both welcomed their son Ishaan Khattar who is a well-known actor too, in the year 1995 on the 1st of November. But the actress was not able to make it this time too, so she got married again to Ustad Raza Ali Khan who was her soulmate in her childhood.

10. Shefali Shah- A very well-known Indian actress Shefali Shah has also married twice in her life. She first got married to Harsh Chhaya who’s a television actor in the year 1997. But soon they parted their ways in the year 2001. After their separation, the actress got married to Vipul Amrutlal Shah who is a director. Now the couple has two sons. Her first marriage didn’t turn out well, so the actress— Shefali Shah like others married twice in her life.

11. Raj Babbar- Raj Babbar is known as the most heroic actor of his time in both Bollywood as well as Punjab film industry. Besides being a talented actor he also belongs to politics as he is in the Indian National Congress party as well as he was a member of the Lok Sabha and Upper House of the Indian Parliament. He was the President of the Uttar Pradesh Congress Committee too. Raj Babbar was already married to the actress Nadira Babbar. The couple had two children before they parted their ways and got separated from each other. He then got married to Smita Patil, who was a very popular Indian actress of her time. But unfortunately, she died in the year 1986 and at the age of 31, after giving birth to Prateik Babbar, their son. Raj Babbar still posts for her beloved wife and still remembers her on a good note as he posts a picture on Twitter saying “Though very short, the journey with her was so memorable.”

12. Renuka Shahane- Renuka Shahane a very well-known Bollywood actress who is working in the Indian cinema for a very long time. An actress like others has married twice. Firstly Renuka got married to Vijay Kenkare, who’s a very well-known Marathi director and theatre writer. But unfortunately, their marriage did not work and did not last and soon they both separated and parted their ways. She then got married to very popular Bollywood actor Ashutosh Rana. Now the couple has two sons named Satyendra Neekhra and Shauryaman Neekhra.

13. Ashwini Kalsekar- Ashwini Kalsekar is a known actress who’s known for her great and talented work in the film industry as well as Indian television. She first got married to the actor Nitesh Pandey in the year 1998. But unfortunately, their marriage did not last and they got divorced separated their ways for an unknown reason in 2002. Then the actress did second marriage with a very popular film and television actor Murali Sharma in the year 2009.

14. Archana Puran Singh- Archana Puran Singh a well-known actress who also works in television did two marriages too. Archana’s first marriage did not last well, so she decided to not marry again. But the actress and judge of Comedy Circus after meeting Parmeet Sethi fall in love again with him like a fairy tale. This made her marrying again to him and finally founding his match made in heaven. The couple before marrying lived in a live-in relationship for almost 5 years. After crossing all the hardships in the marriage the couple finally walked down in the year 1992 on June 30 and are now the parents of two kids named Ayushmann and Aryamann respectively.


15. Aamir Khan- The well-known Khan among those three Khans of the Bollywood industry i.e. Aamir Khan also married twice in his life. The first marriage of the actor was with Reena Dutta in the year 1986 which only last till fifteen years. The couple had two children together but unfortunately, the marriage did not work and they got separated. Their divorce took place in the year 2002. Afterwards, Aamir Khan got married to Kiran Rao who is a very known film director in the year 2005. And they had a child too.

So here was the list of following Bollywood celebrities who have married twice in their lives and most of them have been successful as it truly nurturing their personal lives as well as their careers.


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