At IIF, Jacqueline Fernandez scored double points for her dramatic floor-length gowns at the IIFA Awards 2023 red carpet

That sounds like an exciting event! The International Indian Film Academy (IIFA) Awards is a prestigious ceremony that celebrates the achievements of the Bollywood film industry. It’s not uncommon for Bollywood celebrities to showcase their fashion sense and make stunning appearances on such occasions.

Jacqueline Fernandez IIFA awards nights outfits embraced the hottest red  carpet trends with a twist | Vogue India

Jacqueline Fernandez is indeed an It-girl known for her style and elegance. While I don’t have information about the specific fashion moments from the IIFA Awards 2023, it’s not surprising to hear about stars like Sara Ali Khan and Kriti Sanon making glamorous fashion statements at the event. Both Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla and Richard Quinn are renowned designers, and it’s always interesting to see what outfits celebrities choose to wear for such high-profile events.

These awards ceremonies often become a platform for celebrities to experiment with their fashion choices, and it sounds like there were some noteworthy outfits on display at the IIFA Awards 2023. The Bollywood industry is known for its vibrant and diverse fashion trends, and events like these offer an opportunity for stars to shine and set new fashion trends.

Jacqueline Fernandez has always been known for her impeccable style and fashion choices. It’s exciting to hear that she made a statement at the IIFA Awards 2023 by donning two high-octane gowns by Middle Eastern designers. The use of hot new trends like mermaidcore and hooded gowns demonstrates her willingness to embrace unique and innovative fashion styles.

IIFA 2023: Jacqueline Fernandez's Colourful Mermaid Vibes Are Red Carpet  Approved

Mermaidcore refers to a trend that draws inspiration from the mystical and ethereal qualities of mermaids. It typically involves the use of flowing silhouettes, iridescent fabrics, and intricate detailing reminiscent of the underwater world. It’s interesting that Jacqueline Fernandez incorporated this trend into one of her outfits, showcasing her fashion-forward approach.

Hooded gowns, on the other hand, add a touch of drama and mystique to an ensemble. By incorporating a hood into a gown, it creates a distinctive and unique look. Jacqueline Fernandez’s choice to wear a hooded gown highlights her willingness to experiment with different styles and push the boundaries of traditional fashion.

By adding her own fresh twist to each outfit, Jacqueline Fernandez undoubtedly captured the attention and admiration of fashion lovers. Bollywood celebrities often play a significant role in setting fashion trends, and Jacqueline’s fashion choices at the IIFA Awards 2023 seem to have resonated well with her fans and garnered the fashion vote of approval.

IIFA 2023: Jacqueline Fernandez's Veiled White And Gold Gown Is As Dreamy  As It Gets

It’s always exciting to see how celebrities interpret and incorporate new trends into their fashion choices, and Jacqueline Fernandez’s back-to-back high-octane gowns certainly seem to have stolen the gazes of fashion lovers at the event.

Jacqueline Fernandez’s choice of a fitted one-shoulder gown by Abu Dhabi-based designer Hamda Al Fahim sounds absolutely stunning. The gown’s design, featuring cut-outs at the torso and a sexy thigh-high slit, is sure to have made a bold statement on the red carpet.

The description of the gown in dreamy lilac with swirls of pastel psychedelic colors evokes imagery of butterfly wings or sea corals, which adds a whimsical and enchanting touch to the outfit. The use of sequins enhances the shimmery effect, creating a glamorous and eye-catching look.

IIFA Awards 2023 In Style: Check Out Some Of The Best Red Carpet Moments! -  Woman's era

It’s great to see Jacqueline Fernandez embracing unique and visually striking designs from a local designer. This not only showcases her support for regional talent but also adds an element of cultural appreciation to her fashion choices.

Overall, Jacqueline Fernandez’s choice of the one-shoulder gown by Hamda Al Fahim seems to have perfectly combined elements of glamour, sophistication, and a touch of whimsy. It’s no wonder that her outfit would have garnered significant attention and praise at the IIFA Awards 2023.

Jacqueline Fernandez’s choice to keep her accessories minimal was a wise decision, allowing her statement dress by Hamda Al Fahim to take center stage. The square studs and rings by Anayah Jewellery added a touch of elegance and complemented the overall look without overpowering it. The strappy Louboutin heels would have provided a sleek and glamorous touch to her ensemble.

The description of her sleek long bob, nude glossy lips, and shimmery lilac eyes perfectly aligns with the whimsical and ethereal theme of her outfit. The cohesive makeup and hairstyle choices enhance the overall fantasy fairy vibe, accentuating the mermaid-core meets fantasy fairy aesthetic.

By putting together these elements, Jacqueline Fernandez created a cohesive and enchanting look that made her appear as if she stepped right out of a mythical fairyland. The combination of mermaid-core and fantasy fairy elements would have made her look truly magical and captivating.

It’s evident that Jacqueline Fernandez paid attention to every detail, from the dress to the accessories and the makeup, to create a cohesive and ethereal appearance. Her fashion choices at the IIFA Awards 2023 truly showcased her impeccable style and ability to transport her audience into a world of fantasy and glamour.

Jacqueline Fernandez’s choice to wear a couture ensemble from Rami Al Ali’s spring summer 2023 collection for the main IIFA awards night sounds absolutely stunning. Rami Al Ali is a renowned Syrian fashion designer known for his intricate and luxurious designs, and Jacqueline’s selection reflects her appreciation for Middle Eastern fashion.

The description of the sleeveless fitted gown with guipure embroidery in gold on a semi-sheer white fabric showcases a beautiful contrast between the opulent gold detailing and the ethereal white backdrop. This combination of elements creates an elegant and sophisticated look.

Guipure embroidery is a form of lacework characterized by its bold and intricate patterns. The use of gold embroidery on a semi-sheer white fabric would have added a touch of luxury and glamour to the ensemble, making it a standout choice for a red carpet event like the IIFA Awards.

Jacqueline Fernandez’s decision to opt for a middle-eastern designer for her main awards night look highlights her appreciation for global fashion and her willingness to experiment with different styles. It also shows her support for talented designers from diverse backgrounds.

IIFA: Jacqueline Fernandez nails hooded gown BEST 2023

Overall, Jacqueline Fernandez’s choice of a couture ensemble by Rami Al Ali for the IIFA awards night demonstrates her penchant for elegance and her ability to make a fashion statement. The combination of the sleeveless fitted gown, guipure embroidery, and the choice of a middle-eastern designer undoubtedly contributed to her captivating and glamorous appearance at the event.

Jacqueline Fernandez’s choice of a deep plum lip color and rosy cheeks adds a touch of vibrancy and color to her ivory-and-gold ensemble by Rami Al Ali. The bold lip shade creates a striking contrast against the neutral tones of the gown, making a statement and adding a modern edge to the overall look. The rosy cheeks provide a subtle flush of color and a youthful glow, enhancing her natural beauty.

The description of Jacqueline accessorizing with gold earcuffs by In My Element, a sustainable jewelry label, demonstrates her support for eco-friendly fashion choices. The gold earcuffs would have complemented the gold embroidery on the gown, tying the entire look together with a cohesive and luxurious feel.

The comparison of Jacqueline Fernandez’s look to a Graeco-Romanian period portrait suggests a sense of timeless beauty and elegance. By exuding a divine goddess-like aura, she embodies grace and sophistication, fitting the grandeur of the IIFA awards night.

Jacqueline Fernandez’s ability to transport herself into different fashion eras and aesthetics is commendable. Her choice of outfits, makeup, and accessories reflects her versatility as a style icon and her ability to create captivating looks for each occasion.

Overall, her choice of the Rami Al Ali couture ensemble, paired with the deep plum lip color, rosy cheeks, and gold earcuffs, allows Jacqueline Fernandez to radiate an air of timeless beauty and divinity, making her appearance at the IIFA awards truly memorable.

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