5 Proven Exercises For A Strong Core

When you’re working from home, remembering to exercise is strenuous. The work-from-home environment has made life more sedentary. While most of the work is done from home, the need to walk around has reduced. Agree or not, most of us have gained certain kgs during this period, and now it seems hard or even impossible to shed those extra kilos. Moreover, we all are working in our cozy pajamas, and outings are limited, so agree or not, we hardly care about the increasing tummy roles that usually hide behind the loose and comfy t-shirts or loungewear.

Binge-eating has become a habit that seems hard to forget. Gaining a few kgs is expected (after all, we have an excuse for cover-up), but the remaining fit is the main focus. In these challenging times, health is something we all are extra careful about, and maintaining an ideal weight is the primary step to remain fit and away from diseases.


Here is a list of 5 proven exercises to strengthen your core (because you need to fit in those pair of trousers locked up in your cupboard for so long) and tone your entire body:

1. Plank exercises

Almost everyone has heard about them. Right? But have you ever thought of trying them? Most probably, no. Even if you had, you stopped after 1-2 attempts. That’s completely fine. Planks seem hard at first until you start seeing a visible change in your core area. These are the fastest way to train your entire core region, and the best part? You don’t even require a single piece of equipment or a specific place! It is an easy exercise that you can do anytime, anywhere. Ok, not anywhere, but yes in any corner of your home. You only need a mat so as not to hurt yourself.

From the prone position, lift the middle portion of your body, taking support of your arms, folded at your elbows, and the toes touching the floor. Balance yourself in this position for at least 30 seconds. If you can’t do it for 30 seconds at first, then start with 10 seconds and progressively increase the time duration. You can do three sets at first and then progress accordingly. It focuses on the major muscles in your core area and makes them stronger. If this seems really hard, start with high plank and then move to low plank. For a detailed description of how to do a low and high plank, watch this video: How To Do A Proper Plank

2. Plank and Push-up


Don’t be afraid by reading “push-up” because it is not precisely a push-up; rather, it’s a fun exercise to do. It strengthens not only your core but your chest, arms, shoulders, legs, glutes, and back muscles too. This exercise is a complete package in itself. In the beginning, try doing only 4-5 for your body to adapt. Afterward, you can increase the number of sets and the number of repetitions in each. Have a look at this video to know how to do this fantastic exercise for myriad benefits: Push Up Plank: Beginner Abs Exercise

3. Bicycle crunches

For those people out there who don’t like to do crunches as they are extremely tiring for beginners, here’s an escape for you all. Bicycle crunches are an easy and fun to do exercise which anyone can do. It targets your deep abs and improves coordination, endurance, and posture. Doing them regularly can reap favorable results faster. You have to lie on your back, fold your arms, hands behind your head, fold your legs at knees, and try to touch your right elbow to your left knee and vice-versa. Don’t forget to inhale and exhale as you do it. To understand in more detail, watch this video: How To Do A Bicycle Crunch

4. Heel touches

This one is for all the lazy souls who want to get a strong core while lying down and not putting in any extra effort. it is an easy exercise that yields definite results if done with proper technique. It targets your abs, obliques, lower and upper back muscles and reduces back pain too. From beginners to experts, everyone finds these interesting to get rid of those stubborn love handles. It is simple to do – lying on the ground and moving your body side by side to reach your arms towards your heels. Click on this link to get a detailed picture of how to perform this: How To Do: HEEL TOUCH

5. Static Glute Bridge

Okay, so you find squats challenging and exhausting? Try this one out. It provides similar benefits as squats do but in an easy and less exhausting manner while lying on your back. It targets your three gluteal muscles, your hamstrings, lower back, and of course, abs. Doing static glute bridges regularly reduces knee and back pain, helps you run faster, shapes and tones your butt, and improves your squat. This is the perfect exercise if you want multiple benefits while lying down on the ground. To know the correct way of doing this exercise, watch this video: Static Glue Bridge

The bottom line here is if you are an absolute beginner, don’t try to do many steps and repetitions in one day. Start gradually and give time to yourself to adapt. Also, give time for the exercises to show results, and don’t stop doing them just because you are unable to see any results. Continue, and soon you’ll swear by these. Stay fit, stay active!

Edited by Prakriti Arora

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