Wonder | A Hollywood Movie That Enunciates External Appearance Are Not What Defines Us

This movie was beautifully written by Jack throne, Steven Conrad, and Chomsky and was directed by Stephen Chobsky. This movie was shot in the chobsky year 2017 which takes the reader to an emotional roller coaster in a few hours. This movie was inspired by a novel which was written by R J Palacio.

This movie is starring Jacob Tremblay as Auggie Pullman. Jacob has pulled off a great job by portraying a character in a more detailed and accurate way. He has given a satisfactory job to every part of the story and made it a movie that is worthful to watch. This film has been awarded in the 90th film awards. The actor has fit in all emotions so perfectly and brought out a powerful age to the audience. The movie like most of the movies also has a happy ending. This movie brings about how beautiful motherhood can be. This film portrays a boy with teachers collins syndrome and has done 27 surgeries since his birth. It’s an inherited disorder in which certain bones and tissues are not well developed in the face. The boy feels so down of himself and is always seen wearing a helmet to avoid people looking at him. He has never gone to an actual school and has been home-schooling for several years. His parents decided to put him in an actual school to make himself feel better. He refused and later finally agrees. He tries to fit in not realizing that he is born to stand out. He finds himself being inferior and not being like thither her student in the school. He adored science and inventing new stuff. He feels that the school isn’t the right place for him just because he looks unusual and different. The movie is a ‘feel-good’ and inspiring movie. This movie will leave your eyes with tears and provide you with good vibes. Auggie is an intelligent person. He usually feels comfortable only around his family. He later gets acceptance by his few genuine friends and feels comfortable being around them. He never thought he could view how the outside world but he did it. He felt that there is no life outside for him, not realizing that so much is waiting for him. This movie is so satisfying and carries a message like kindness and forgiveness. 

This movie also shows how Auggies family supports and makes him feel better. They try to cheer him up no matter what consequence he is put into. His mother doesn’t give up on him. His father always makes him laugh at any circumstances. His sister is a great cheerleader for him. The one thing that he calls it mine is his family. The initial school days for him felt nicer only because he had his family by his side. This movie portrays how important is it the support of a family can influence children’s growth.

Auggie’s sister named Olivia is his biggest comfort. An independent girl who can stand for herself and her opinions. Her parents didn’t worry about her as she is someone who can look after herself. His parents always give their attention to Auggie. Olivia feels left out and perceives that she doesn’t have anybody for herself. Being an elder sister, she also understands that Auggie needs more of their attention yet she feels that she has none for her. Via seems to be nervous and sensitive at times. She couldn’t remember a time that her parents spent with her. She wished for a younger brother and always loved him than anyone. All she can remember is the time she spent with her grandmother. She disliked anyone who calls his brother deformed. She always wanted to make his brother feel the nicest. Later she falls in love with a guy named Justin. Justin equally loved Auggie and did not mock him for his superficial looks. She also misses her friend Miranda who used to be the best friend she loved. She acts in a play and decides to invite her family over to the show. She has a mixed feeling about inviting Auggie fearing that someone would hurt him for how he looks. Auggie gets furious that Via doesn’t want her fancy friends to look at him.

Auggie made new friends at school. He was given a nickname on the first day at school. The other student bullied him for being a science geek and for always responding to the question given by the teacher with a suitable answer faster objects of the people bullied him was secretly jealous of how he handled his subjects at school. The one genuine friend he found for himself was Jack. Jack was a very nice person and loved spending time with Auggie learning new things. Jack betrayed Auggie by gossiping about him behind his back. Auggie hears it by himself and gone days ignoring his friend. Later Jack apologises for being a bad person and promised him that he would never do it again. This story shows how friendship blooms between them. Jack always stood up and believed in Auggie. They worked together for a science exhibition and their project won everyone’s heart. 

The year finally comes to an end and it was time to announce the overall ‘Best Student’ award. The award was given to Auggie. Both his family and friends were the happiest for him. Auggie feels so proud of himself and walked towards the stage with his head held high. He finally understands that ‘pretty face doesn’t matter and all that matters are assurance you have in yourself’. He remembers all his loved ones when receiving the award and how everyone played a supporting role in his life. The film amazingly ended saying that everyone needs a standing ovation for themselves at least once in their lives and how necessary it is to be kind to others, for everyone is fighting a battle we don’t know.

We as an audience should remember the powerful message given through the film. We need to understand that external appearance is never important and can fade anytime. When we mock someone, you are probably disrespecting the person next to you. What do we gain from it? The answer is ‘nothing’. It’s high time we stop worrying about how we look on the outside and start learning new morals that do develop our character. , Yes, of course, physical beauty is important but fortunately, this is not the only thing we need to worry about. We got to start practising kindness in our everyday life. We have to stop bullying other people for our happiness. Practising kindness and good deeds will give you joy and a feeling of contentment. Never do something for someone expecting compensation for it. Remember kindness is a selfless act. We need to understand that every people are going through something in their life and be nice to each other. We need to start properly treating everyone and not hurt the person. We should remember to make this world a better place to live in. Let’s learn to be content with who we are and stop being hard on ourselves for something we couldn’t do anything about.

Let’s remember we are all here in this world for a purpose and not to spread hatred.


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