Ananya Panday’s love affair with pink reaches new heights in a Rs. 3.8 lakh pre-draped saree

Ananya Panday’s love affair with pink reaches new heights in a Rs. 3.8 lakh pre-draped saree!

Ananya Panday, dressed to the nines in a gorgeous soft pink attire. She seemed to have a thing for this lovely hue, and we can’t blame her! Whether she’s wearing soft pink or another color, she always looks gorgeous. But first, let’s chat about her Diwali attire from last night.

Ananya Panday  style fashion

Ananya Panday graced the occasion in a stunning soft pink attire, showcasing her undeniable affinity for this delightful hue. The choice of color added a touch of elegance and sophistication to her Diwali ensemble, further accentuating her natural beauty. Whether she opts for soft pink or explores other colors, Ananya Panday consistently radiates beauty and grace.

The Diwali attire chosen by Ananya Panday reflects her impeccable sense of style and her ability to effortlessly carry off different looks. The soft pink hue not only complements her complexion but also aligns perfectly with the festive spirit. Ananya’s fashion choices continue to captivate attention, making her a trendsetter in the world of glamour.

In essence, Ananya Panday’s Diwali attire in soft pink is a testament to her fashion prowess and her knack for choosing outfits that enhance her overall charm. Whether she’s donning soft pink or experimenting with other colors, Ananya consistently manages to make a stunning statement, earning admiration for her style and poise.

Ananya Panday in pre-draped blush pink saree

Ananya recently wore a gorgeous pink saree that was a total show grabber. This saree, made of georgette, had it all: sequins, sparkle, and elegance. The saree and strapless bustier had all-over sequin embellishment, making them ideal for the holiday season. The bustier had a sweetheart neckline, which added an elegant touch to the ensemble. But wait, there’s more! Along with the sequin embellishments, this pre-draped saree included mirror work and cutdana work. Prepare yourselves for the price – this stunning artwork by Arpita Mehta costs a whopping Rs. 3,85,000.

Ananya Panday recently stole the spotlight in a mesmerizing pink saree that left everyone in awe. Crafted from georgette, the saree was a masterpiece adorned with sequins, sparkle, and sheer elegance. The strapless bustier accompanying the saree featured all-over sequin embellishments, creating a glamorous look perfect for the festive season. The sweetheart neckline of the bustier added a touch of sophistication to the overall ensemble. As if the sequin embellishments weren’t enough, the pre-draped saree also boasted intricate mirror work and cutdana work. However, luxury comes at a price, and this stunning creation by Arpita Mehta carries a hefty tag of Rs. 3,85,000.

Ananya Panday’s choice of this intricately designed pink saree showcases not only her penchant for fashion but also her willingness to make a bold statement. The attention to detail in the sequin, mirror, and cutdana work highlights the craftsmanship that went into creating this exquisite piece. While the price tag may be steep, it undoubtedly reflects the artistry and exclusivity of the attire, making it a standout addition to Ananya’s impressive wardrobe.

Ananya Panday in pre-draped blush pink saree with strapless bustier ensemble

Let us now discuss the Ananya Panday accessories game! We all know she loves chokers, whether they’re worn with traditional, fusion, or western attire. This time, however, she decided to change things up and go for a more basic look. Ananya opted for a set of stunning dangling earrings, a modest kada, and a ring. These accessories together offered just the proper amount of shine and elegance to her entire outfit. It’s great to see her adopt a more simple look, demonstrating that sometimes less is more.

Ananya Panday’s accessories game took a different turn this time, showcasing her versatility in styling. Known for her love of chokers, she opted for a more understated yet elegant approach with a set of stunning dangling earrings, a modest kada, and a ring. This choice demonstrated that sometimes less is more, and the simplicity of her accessories perfectly complemented the intricacy of her pink saree. Ananya’s ability to switch up her accessory game reflects her fashion-forward sensibilities and her knack for adapting her style to suit the occasion and outfit.

Now, let’s take a look at the Khaali Peeli fame’s makeup and hair during the celebration. We all know she’s naturally beautiful, but she understands how to accentuate it. Ananya picked a brilliant makeup base that gave her a dazzling shine for this important event. Her eyes were the focus of attention, with thick mascara and kohl-rimmed eye makeup. To make her eyes stand out, she used pink eyeshadow and a dab of sparkle in the inner eye corner.

Ananya Panday’s makeup and hair at the celebration showcased her understanding of enhancing her natural beauty. Opting for a brilliant makeup base, she exuded a dazzling shine, accentuating her features. Her eyes took center stage with thick mascara and kohl-rimmed eye makeup. Adding a touch of glamour, she used pink eyeshadow and a hint of sparkle in the inner eye corner, drawing attention to her expressive eyes. The overall makeup look was well-coordinated, enhancing Ananya’s radiant appearance during the festive celebration.

Not to mention her lips, which were adorned with a lovely dark pink lipstick that lent a dramatic and bright touch to her whole look. Her hairstyle was basic yet stunning. The Pati Patni Aur Woh fame styled her open hair in free waves with a central partition for a look that was effortlessly beautiful and lovely.

Ananya Panday in pre-draped pink saree

Ananya Panday’s lips were adorned with a lovely dark pink lipstick, adding a dramatic and bright touch to her overall look. Her hairstyle, though basic, was stunning. The Pati Patni Aur Woh fame opted for free waves with a central partition, creating an effortlessly beautiful and lovely appearance. The combination of the bold lipstick and the relaxed waves showcased Ananya’s ability to balance glamour with simplicity, resulting in a standout look for the celebration.

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