35 years old, Parineeti Chopra amps up her ethnic wear game in gorgeous pink kurta set with floral embroidered motifs

Parineeti Chopra amps up her ethnic wear game in gorgeous pink kurta set with floral embroidered motifs

Parineeti Chopra has been consistently serving drop-dead stunning looks since her wedding in Udaipur, Rajasthan on September 24. From her mesmerizing golden lehenga to the beautiful pink saree adorned with a side veil, the actress has become a notable source of inspiration for future brides. Recently, she once again captivated us with a glimpse of her attire from pre-wedding festivities in the country’s capital, and she didn’t shy away from sharing it on Instagram.

Parineeti Chopra style fashion

Priyanka Chopra’s younger sister, Parineeti, continues to dominate the fashion game with her exceptional sense of style, leaving fans eagerly anticipating more jaw-dropping ensembles. Each appearance showcases her ability to effortlessly blend traditional elegance with contemporary trends, establishing her as a true fashion icon in the industry. As Parineeti Chopra continues to grace events with her sartorial choices, she remains a trendsetter and a fashion force to be reckoned with.

The Mission Raniganj actress made a memorable fashion statement as she graced the scene in a stunning nude pink dress that effortlessly captivated our attention. The short kurta she wore boasted a notched V-neckline and long sleeves, emanating an air of refinement and grace. The choice of nude pink added a touch of sophistication to her ensemble, setting the tone for a look that balanced classic elegance with modern flair.

Parineeti Chopra in nude pink kurta set look

The ensemble she adorned was a masterpiece in itself, adorned with beautiful threadwork and glittering sequins that caught the light with every movement. The intricate detailing on the outfit not only demonstrated a high level of craftsmanship but also contributed to Parineeti Chopra’s overall radiance. The combination of threadwork and sequins created a mesmerizing interplay of textures, making her outfit a visual delight.

In this attire, Parineeti Chopra truly shone like a star, and the ensemble played a significant role in enhancing her natural beauty. The meticulous design and embellishments added a touch of glamour, making her stand out with a subtle yet impactful sparkle. It was a perfect blend of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary style, allowing Parineeti to make a statement with her fashion choice. The ensemble not only showcased her sartorial flair but also highlighted her ability to carry off a look with grace and poise, leaving a lasting impression on onlookers.

Parineeti Chopra, the star of the show, tastefully adorned her magnificent ensemble with a pair of lovely chandbalis, creating a perfect harmony of elegance and charm. The choice of these intricate earrings served as a thoughtful accessory, complementing the overall aesthetic of her attire. The exquisite design of the chandbalis resonated seamlessly with the detailed threadwork and glittering sequins on her outfit, showcasing a meticulous attention to coordinating every element of her look.

However, beyond the allure of her accessories and the captivating ensemble, it was Parineeti’s contagious grin that truly stole the spotlight. Her radiant smile became the undeniable star of the show, adding an extra layer of charisma and warmth to the entire appearance. The joy evident in her expression not only complemented the elegance of her outfit but also had a magnetic quality that left those in admiration utterly smitten.

Parineeti Chopra in nude pink kurta set style

Parineeti Chopra’s ability to elevate her ensemble with a dazzling grin demonstrated the transformative power of confidence and happiness in enhancing any look. In this instance, her infectious smile became the perfect accessory, radiating a positive energy that enhanced the overall appeal of her attire. It was a delightful combination of stylish accessorizing and genuine joy, making Parineeti’s appearance a memorable and enchanting moment that resonated with both fashion and genuine charm.

Indeed, it’s truly remarkable how a single grin has the power to transform not just a dress but the entire presence of a person, making them radiate from the inside out. In the case of the Code Name: Tiranga star, this transformative effect was skillfully complemented by the adept styling of Nidhi Agarwal and Shraddha Lakhani, two remarkable stylists who possess a keen understanding of how to bring out the best in their clients.

On her pre-wedding day, Parineeti Chopra made a bold and distinctive choice, deviating from the conventional plain open haircut and nude makeup look. Opting for something truly one-of-a-kind, she entrusted her vision to the skilled hands of her hairdresser, Simran Kaur. Known for her artistry, Simran worked her magic, creating a hairstyle that added an element of fascination and individuality to Parineeti’s bridal look.

Simran Kaur’s creativity shone through as she artfully arranged Parineeti’s front locks, skillfully tucking them back behind her head. This unique styling decision not only showcased Parineeti’s facial features but also added a touch of sophistication to the overall appearance. The flicks incorporated into the hairstyle provided an extra layer of flare, contributing to the overall dynamic and distinctive look that Parineeti aimed to achieve for her pre-wedding celebration.

Parineeti’s choice to go beyond the ordinary in both hairstyle and makeup demonstrated a desire for a look that was not just beautiful but also reflective of her personality. Simran Kaur’s ability to translate this vision into a stunning reality underscored the importance of collaboration between a celebrity and their hairstylist in creating a look that is truly memorable and one that stands out on such a special occasion.

Parineeti Chopra in pink kurta set look

Parineeti Chopra’s gorgeous locks were meticulously styled into gentle curls, adding a touch of romance and a dreamy allure to her overall look. The intricate work by her hairstylist, Simran Kaur, transformed her hair into a captivating feature that complemented the essence of the special occasion. The choice of gentle curls not only exuded elegance but also contributed to the romantic vibe that Parineeti aimed to achieve on her pre-wedding day.

Sakshi Malik, the makeup artist, played a crucial role in enhancing Parineeti’s already beautiful features. Her expertise was evident in the meticulous detailing of the actress’s eye makeup. A dramatic stroke of eyeliner brought attention to Parineeti’s eyes, while fluttery lashes coated in mascara added a touch of glamour. The use of a brown foundation eyeshadow provided depth and dimension, creating a mesmerizing effect that intensified the natural beauty of Parineeti’s eyes.

To complete the look, a gorgeous candy pink lipstick was chosen, offering a vibrant splash of color that harmoniously matched the Kill Dil star’s entire appearance. The choice of lipstick not only added a pop of freshness but also served as a perfect complement to the romantic curls and the well-defined eye makeup. The synergy between the hairstyle and makeup was a testament to the collaborative effort of the hairstylist and makeup artist, resulting in a pre-wedding look that was not only stunning but also cohesive and harmonious in its entirety.


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