5 Reasons Why Anupamaa Is Leading The TRP Charts

Anupamaa is an Indian TV show which airs on Star Plus at 10 pm from Monday to Saturday. Rajan Shahi produces this showHe has made many other hit shows previously. The list includes Sapna Babul Ka-Bidaai, Ye Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, Ye Rishtey Hai Pyaar Ke, Mann ki Aawaaz Pratigya, and Chand Chupa Badal Mein

Since the show has launched, it is receiving unconditional love from the fans continuously. The lead character of the show ANUPAMAA is someone whom we can look up to. She loves to dance, but she sacrificed her dreams for her household duties. Her strong desire to grow inspires the youth to work hard.

At the same time, it motivates all housewives to realize how important their existence is. The kind of job they do, has no holiday, no salary perks, and no value. Still, they constantly manage to do the work selflessly all by themselves. Apart from the titular role of Anupamaa Shah, which Rupali Ganguly plays, other characters in the show also teach us a lot more.

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The Shah family includes Anupamaa’s ex-husband Vanraj Shah, her father-in-law Hasmukh Shah, her mother-in-law Leela Shah, her sons Paritosh and Samar, and daughter Paakhi (Sweety) her daughters-in-law Kinjal and Nandini. Samar is an ideal son.

He respects his mother the most and always stands for her rights. Kinjal is the sweetest amongst all. She considers Anupamaa as her mother. Both of them never fail to set the ideal Saas-Bahu goals. Nandini, Samar’s girlfriend, is a dancer, just like Anupamaa. Anupamaa shares a powerful bond with her too.

5 Life Lessons to learn from Anupamaa

1. Patience

This show has excellently depicted tolerance of homemakers through Anupamaa’s character. Most of the people of our Indian patriarchal society continues to trivialize the hard work of homemakers of their family. This show encourages us to respect their patience and 24 hours of selfless service. In the show, Leela and Vanraj dominates Anupamaa.

They treat her just like a servant. Also, just like other teens, Pakhi disrespects her mother for not being a fluent English speaker. She constantly hurts her mother’s sentiments. But still, she continues to do all the household chores effectively. This urges us to make our most ignored mothers feel happy. We indeed must relish her.

She used to respect her husband. She also endures a lot of atrocities by and for him. He cheated on her. She was heartbroken when she knew about this, but she did not let the other relations spoil. She always supported him even after learning his wrongdoings. Forgiving someone helps you to lead a happy life.

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2. Sacrifice

Anupamaa has sacrificed her childhood dreams for wifehood, her identity for motherhood, and her self-esteem for her in-laws. She is the epitome of sacrifice. She used to worship dance, but she left it just for her family. She did not know how to cook, but she mastered the culinary skills for them.

She would have focussed on her career. But she chose to prioritize her children’s upbringing. Dreams act as fuel for the engine of a joyful life. She did not even mention her sacrifices, not even once. The endurance her character has shown is intense and praiseworthy. She teaches us to live for others, be selfless and find happiness in others’ success.

Star Plus to launch a new show 'Anupamaa' starring Rupali Ganguly and  Sudhanshu Pandey

3. Age is no bar to anything

After realizing the importance of a career, Anupamaa has decided to focus on her Dance Academy. She is taking small steps to achieve her dreams. Her ardent desire to fulfill her wishes encourages other women to start working on their dreams because age is not an issue.

You can do the same thing in your 40’s which you think you could have done 20 years ago when you were in your 20’s. We should learn to grab the available opportunities or, if required, create some new ones. Enthusiasm comes from how excited you are to do a particular work.

Age has no role to play in the establishment of a career. You can become an author, dancer, singer, businesswoman, radio jockey, actor, etc., whenever you want. 

Anupama: Samar to open Anupama Dance Academy, Pakhi is back

4. Divorce-A social taboo

 In our Indian society, Divorce is still considered a sin. Anupamaa’s decision to divorce Vanraj was a demarche. Many women are tortured and disrespected by their families. She inspired all of them to take such a bold step for the sake of their self-respect.  Even if nobody supports you, you should not step back. The one who does not respect you does not deserve you.

The creators of the show have tried hard to break all the stereotypes regarding practices done against women. Hasmukh’s character focuses on how good in-laws should be. They should be supportive, impartial, caring, and protective. He has always tried his best to provide his daughter with powerful law wings to fly.

This show also highlights how vital being financially independent is. Vanraj always used to demean his wife on account of her unemployability. It took him three to four decades to realize the importance of doing household chores. Men do earn money, from which we buy groceries. But if women quit cooking, no family will get a proper meal daily.  

Anupama Major Spoiler Alert: Divorce Isn't An Ending But A Beginning To A  New Chapter

5. Don’t Give up

Every kind of person surrounds us. Most of them generally try to pull our legs to hinder our progress. Anupamaa tries to encourage all of us to avoid paying attention to their discouraging talks.

She is facing and dealing with many problems in her daily life, including funding for her dance academy, managing the household chores, maintaining the balance between all the relations, strengthening all the bonds, improving the quality of work, and a lot more.

Anupama arranged money to buy engagement ring, Vanraj scolds her

People who think art is just for entertainment and disrespect artists are also criticized through Vanraj’s character. He used to humiliate Anupamaa and her dancing skills. Now, she’s the one supporting him financially with the help of her dancing skills. What goes around comes around.

Edited by Urvashi Gupta

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