Trollers Bash Kareena Kapoor Khan After The Reveal Of Her Second Son’s Name

After the launch of Kareena’s debut book on August 9 (Monday) named “Pregnancy Bible,” she did an Instagram live with her filmmaker acquaintance Karan Johar and revealed her son’s name as “Jeh,” and full name is “Jehangir Ali Khan.” 

That has broke out a havoc amongst Twitter users as they started linking “Jeh” with Jehangir. 

Kareena after, his baby name revealed. She spoke about it and replied to it. ‘No place for Negativity’ and indirectly gave the trollers an answer that their hateful comments do not bother her or her decision. Twitter also broke out on a war between the supporters of the controversial name and the protagonist.

People also linked this to” Love Jehad” and made it a hot topic for religious clashes. People who came into the support of the celeb couple said it is totally upon the couple to name their kid as they want to without any trolling and sending hate comments people should congratulate the star couple for the new beginnings of life.

At that time, they need support, not controversy. Society has to understand they have a family too; Kareena’s family has their rights and does whatever they want. The controversy is basically about how both bases of the historical names have not to carry good impact on people as both the rulers were quite an into brutality in wars and had an inferior name in India.

Taimur invaded India intending to destroy the Hindu kings and rulers as he belonged from Afghanistan. He felt that the Mughal emperors in Delhi were essence too kind and generous with the Hindu subordinates.

Jahangir was also an anti-Hindu Islamic fanatic, just like the other Mughal rulers. Salim was the best emperor at that time. His relationship with Anarkali was worldwide famous. 

kareena kapoor khan with her son taimur

Trollers even remark to Kareena that she should name her future kids Aurangzeb or so. The clashes and religious oppositions are still going on. Although the couple looks unfazed about it and does not pay any attention to the trollers, rather is proud of the choice of the name and is quite excited after the birth of their second child.

Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor got knotted in the year 2012. Both were looking amiable together and gave birth to their first baby Taimur Ali Khan on December 20, 2016, who is now four years old.

Taimur himself is considerably active on social media as the toddler’s daily liveliness gets recorded and posted, which usually gets bitter-sweet responses on his posts by the fans.

We do not know whatever goes on with Kareena’s family. We know how much their Son Jeh Ali Khan sprite too much by their fans. She got some offensive messages and equating to the most inferior parents etc. She is also horrified by the Online abuse and haters’ commenters. Both were concerned about the future of their sons because they were never loved by the fans always, hate comments and Online abuse arguments with them. In the gravest situation, Kareena and Saif never give up.

Edited by Urvashi Gupta

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