Top 10 Bollywood Actresses Caught In Drugs

Bollywood and controversy have a long history together. Whether it’s casting sofa, luxury, nepotism, partiality, and relationships with the powerful, bollywood has certainly been important in the world media for a long time.

Attending parties is required if one wishes to excel in Bollywood. It’s the most effective technique to make contact with well-known figures in the field. These gatherings, however, are not solely to expand one’s network. According to industry sources, narcotics are openly handed around at such gatherings.

The list of top 10 Bollywood actresses caught in drugs includes:

Kangana Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut’s name isn’t new when it comes to controversy. She said a few months ago that 90 percent of Bollywood stars are drug addicts. She has, however, been accused of being addicted to drugs in the past.

She confesses to being a drug addict at one point in her life in an IGTV video she posted in March. Adhyayan Suman, her ex-boyfriend, also said in an interview that she was a drug addict, and his interview was revived following Ranaut’s latest charges about Bollywood’s drug addiction.

Manisha Koirala

Actress Manisha Koirala was yet another celebrity who succumbed to drink and drug addiction during her prime. Even though she produced success after hit, she surrendered to the pressures of the market and was always in the spotlight for her smoking, drinking, and drug addiction issues, which contributed to her demise.

She was later diagnosed with ovarian cancer. That’s when she seems to have flipped a new leaf and quit her bad behaviour. Manisha, being the courageous woman she is, continued to fight the disease courageously and triumphed. She’s recovered well since then and is now preparing for her next project, the Dutt biography, in which she’ll play Sanjay Dutt’s late mother. 

Pooja Bhatt

Pooja Bhatt used to be an alcoholic, but she quit in December last year and has been clean ever since, thanks to her father, Mahesh Bhatt, who pushed her to reconsider her lifestyle.

She also stated that she began to drink at the age of 16 and that she had her first cigarettes at the age of 23, but how she never tried drugs.

Parveen Babi

bollywood actress

She was a legendary Indian actress with a hippie attitude and unusual foreign appearance. We’re speaking about none other than Parveen Babi, Bollywood’s first love icon. Her career was a massive triumph for her. Her private life, on the other hand, was in chaos. Parveen was clinically depressed, and it’s said that she battled from psychiatric problems. 

According to rumours, Parveen’s mental illness was caused by her alcoholism, which she developed due to her unsuccessful relationships. Parveen later died after a miserable existence, and the fact that her corpse was found only a few days after she left everyone wondering how she died.

Babi was discovered lying on her bed when a police squad smashed down the entrance to her terrace home after the management of her housing society complained that newsprint and milk packages had been stacking up outside her gate for three days.

Gauri Khan

Gauri Khan, the wife of one of the most successful Indian film Industry actor Shah Rukh Khan, was not the name anyone would have thought associated with drug abuse.

She was reportedly detained at Berlin Airport after a minor amount of marijuana was discovered in her hands. She was let free because the quantity was barely enough for herself, but her name was never made public by Berlin or India airport officials. The only news that came out was that an actor’s wife was held in Berlin.

Sara Ali Khan

After Rhea’s admittance of taking drugs with her, the NCB arrested Sara Ali Khan in 2020. During her newest film “Kedarnath,” she was seen to have dated Sushant for a short time.

According to her testimony in the case filed, there was a discussion about medications she recommended as a hangover cure. Sara has offered to bring alcohol and marijuana to my house. “On that particular day, she did not give me any booze or pills”, she said. Weed joints are known as doobies. She confessed to getting the ‘doobie’ from her.

Rakul Preet Singh

Rakul Preet Singh, who was recently seen in Selvaraghavan’s ‘NGK,’ directed by Suriya, will shortly be featured in Shankar’s ‘Indian 2,’ a movie by Kamal Haasan.

While the lovely actress has indeed been keeping her followers entertained by releasing training clips on social networking sites, there happens to be some unexpected news for her admirers. Following Bollywood actress Rhea Chakraborty revealing that Rakul Preet had used drugs, the young actress is being investigated and confirmed to be consuming drugs by the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB).

Geetanjali Nagpal

Geetanjali Nagpal is a name familiar to those who track the fashion business. Nagpal was a successful supermodel who walked the runway with Sushmita Sen and other well-known models, but her career took a turn for the worse when she succumbed to drug addiction.

A photojournalist saw her begging on the streets of Delhi in September 2007. Though no one knows what drove the child of an ex-Navy commander to pray on the roads, it was determined because she was in a liaison with a British national before being discovered.

Mamta Kulkarni

Mamta Kulkarni was one of several earliest-day obsessions from B-town for many 90s youths. The actress, on the other hand, has had her good share of drug-related issues. In 2014, she was arrested in Kenya for cocaine smuggling.

Kenyan police apprehended her, her husband Vicky Goswami, and another Indian resident, Kulam Hussein. In the 2000s, Kulkarni quit Cinema and supposedly married Goswami, a notorious worldwide drug kingpin. Goswami served ten years in a Dubai prison on narcotics distribution charges before moving to Kenya to start a real estate firm.

Sussanne Khan

Sussanne Khan, a well-known interior decorator, and Hrithik Roshan’s former wife divorced the actor on amicable terms. Nevertheless, there are rumours that her addiction issue is one of the leading causes of their divorce.

It was said that during one of the interviews, her father alluded to her daughter’s drug problem, which allegedly had a factor in the split. 

The entertainment business is globally looking at claims of drug addiction and immorality. Bollywood is yet to understand that addiction is simply a means of attempting to obtain something else.

Something more substantial. You may call it transcendence if you want, but it’s like a rat trapped in a maze. We’re all looking for the same thing. This void exists in all of us. The item you desire provides relief, but it is also a trap.

Edited by Urvashi Gupta

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